From a multitude of options that we have, you have the liberty to choose individual or multiple services. However, if you are not sure which services you should choose, you can reserve a free consultation session in which we will recommend you the best suitable option for you.

So, be it an admission process, visa application or career counseling – we are your trustworthy partners.

1) Career Counseling

One of our experts will guide you about your possible career paths (Professional path orientation).

What should one choose after matriculation (10 year education)? Or if you are confused in choosing a university degree or vocational diploma, we will deliver you the best suited options according to your capabilities and curriculum.

P.S: We consider each applicant on an individual basis and provide highly personalized career counseling.

2) University Admission

Securing admission in a reputed international university is not a child’s play. Very often, students bearing very good profiles cannot make it through. One of the major reasons for this is the poor application.

All of our team members are highly experienced in this regard and know the game. From the document’s preparation for a specific program to submitting the application form, you can count on us.

P.S: We also craft personalized “motivation letter, SOP, resume, etc.”, which are complementary to this service.

3) Scholarship application

Studying abroad on a scholarship is a dream of almost every student and knowledge aspirant. More prestigious the scholarship more competition and harder is to secure one.

The key for securing scholarships is crafting a nearly perfect application where your devotion and interest stands out. Increase your chances of securing a scholarship and select this service.

P.S: We provide personalized scholarship application and it is mandatory for the applicant to have an online session with us where he/she facilitates us some background information about educational achievements/experiences.

4) Documents preparation

Moving from one country to another is not easy and is quite hectic as it involves a lot of bureaucracy. Thus, it is very important that one should prepare well all of his documents from the start. Missing only one or two documents often delays the process and create frustrations.

P.S: This service can be enjoyed with a discount when you sign-up either for ‘University Admission’ or ‘Scholarship application’

5) Visa application

Most of the students either do not know the correct visa process or end up losing their money to typical travel agents. We offer an alternate, economical and secure solution for this.

We know that applying for the visa for the time seems quite daunting, but we can guide you to prepare a complete and perfect visa application removing all the chances of rejection at your first attempt.

We thoroughly study the respective embassy visa requirements, and furnish you a complete check list of required documents.

P.S: We only provide consultation and do not bear any responsibility of visa issuance, nor do we represent any embassy/consulate.

6) Online payments

Most of the students face difficulty to make international payments for TOEFL, IELTS and university admission application fee, or lack an international gateway (PayPal, Credit Card etc.).

We make your payments on your behalf with full security and share the invoices of your payments.

P.S: The payments are made after we receive the amount from the respective client or his representative.

7) Airline ticketing

Do not consider us as typical travel agents. Due to continuous travels, we often get vouchers and offers from airlines. Therefore, we can help you grab a cheap air ticket.

P.S: Offers and vouchers may only be available in certain travel periods (like winter for example).

Payment Plan

First installment: 25%

We will prepare, sort, and review all the application documents

Second installment: 50% (refundable)

Once we verify that everything is correct, we will contact and apply to the host institution/university

Final installment: 25% (refundable)

On successful confirmation of objective achievement

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